#VignetteSeries – The Baltic Graveyard

This is a dummy scene from Into Eternity — book three of The Eternals Series — where Jean walks into a landscape he cannot comprehend. Someone does, though.

They sprung from between the misting carcasses of all that was humanity, those rusting hulks and sunken detritus. Great fields of them appeared out of the gloom some splintered, some protruding at lopsided angles from the mud and pooled water, some standing proud in the shape of the cross. Rags hung from them flapping in the slight breeze, a never ending vista of death. Although hot-blooded life was not mine, I chilled at that view. Something terrible had happened all those centuries ago, but what remained a mystery.

I glanced across to Aurora who shrugged, then to Grella, who would not meet my eye.

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