The Coffee Shop (It’ll do that to you)

The scene: It's a bustling well known coffee shop where I'm quietly reclining trying to write a few words, whilst knocking back my favourite tipple. The two baristas, (best keep this technically correct) think their annoying discussion is going unheard. It's not. I'm a writer, and I'm easily influenced.

She: "I hate these so much!"
He: "Calm down."
She: "Coffee lids that don't fit!" Grrr!"
He: "Not the worst thing ever."
She: "What could be worse?"
He: "Underwear with no leg wholes."
She: "They're called hats."
He: "They're what you call hats."
She: "I know you're wondering how many holes mine have."
He: "Nope, just why you're putting plastic lids on coffee mugs."

16 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop (It’ll do that to you)

  1. Yes Yes Yes. I can relate to it so much. There is a nice coffee house near my work place and I usually steal an hour or so to go there. I overhear conversations like these and end up pondering on them. πŸ˜€

    P.S. I just realized I haven’t been there for a week. A visit shall be embarked upon soon!

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