Thank You

The Golden Book Awards 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who wished me luck or went out of their way to vote for The Eternals at The Golden Book Awards 2017.
I'm very proud to say I was one of only six books to receive both the Readers' and Judges' commendations. I have attached the badges to show you.
To go any further and try for the top prize costs, and as seen as I'm penniless, it isn't going to happen. That doesn't change how grateful I am to all of you and whoever it was that nominated me in the first place.
The Eternals has now garnered awards in both 2016 and 2017 and I can't thank you all enough.


Thank you again

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series

Book 1: The Eternals
Book 2: Hunter Hunted
Book 3: Into Eternity (Available Soon)

Eternals Series ImageοΏΌ

59 thoughts on “Thank You

      1. Should have.doen a wee.bit of crowdfunding. Still an honor, it’ll be the first of many, though we have discussed the intrinsic reward in the very active of creating.

  1. Congratulations, dear writer. I have two wishes: for you to keep writing (you’re very good) and for you to have a strong, steady foundation of finance to meet your necessary needs and your joyous wants.

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