#VignetteSeries – Troubled

Just some interplay today.

“I have never been so troubled as I am right now.”

“Right now.”

“Yes, right now.”

“That’s put a dampener on things.”


“Because I’ve never felt so elated.”

“I see. Perhaps we might meet somewhere in the middle, a rendezvous of mediocrity, so to speak.”

“You’re not suggesting…”

“I am.”

“Oh, God, we’re going to pretend we’re Belgiums!”

“Sorry, though I feel a little better at the thought.”

“And I feel only slightly less good.”

“Hooray, three cheers for Belgium.”

“Let’s make it two.”

“Good point. Best to stay in character.”

21 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – Troubled

      1. Belgium has changed since I was there. I actually flew into London, a layover on my way to Switzerland. Where is up North? You know I am Welsh, I will get there someday.

      2. Basel, there we took the Viking tour up the Rhine. I have some photos I will post in the near future.

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