Brazen (Elfje)


You're stalked
Through snowfilled winter
Copper feathers all gleaming

24 thoughts on “Brazen (Elfje)

  1. I loved this R. It reminded me of a time my dad and I were cycling down a country road near Lampeter and a car had run over two pheasants, my dad pulled up, put them in his jacket and carried on cycling. I was stuck by his mercy until we got home, one had died, one lived, the one who lived was set to fly away, the one who died was dinner. Suffice to say, my romantasized notion changed a tad after that! 😉

      1. Well but ‘up there’ that was the done thing, pretty sure all my country relatives did even in France. Here they hunt a lot also, mostly deer but some other birds too. I am not completely against it, more the cheating way that some do it, than the actual true way, especially if you eat what you kill. That said, I would not personally ever hunt, but I try to understand it is part of our DNA it is part of our humanity I suppose.

      2. I’ve never tried those things as I went veggie as a kid, but I hear they are quite ‘gamey’ and an acquired taste. I regret not eating meat it’s good for you but I find I cannot retrace the original choice now since it’s been so long.

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