The fog sat heavy over the fjord pressing down upon the rainbow's arched back like some Norse god's dropped shawl. Despite Asgard and nature itself being against it, the rainbow pushed back. It shone through the gloom, the mountains and the drizzle pushing outwards in bands of ever-increasing colour. I'll never forget how it glowed though almost flat.
I remember much about my time in Norway; I loved every moment, but it's always that one indelible memory I come back to just me, a rainbow and the absolute still. Perfect really, a scene to not wake from.

10 thoughts on “Still

  1. I once saw a rainbow that reached down from the sky and passed in front of some pine trees on a hill a little further away. It felt so close and immediate that it took my breath away. The setting was a little less glamorous than a Norwegian fjord: a roundabout on the A612 between Nottingham and Mansfield. :-p

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