My good pal, Soumya, who one day in the future I’ll be able to say ‘I knew her before she was famous’ won a competition for this. Well deserved, too. Please check out her work.

Peregrinating The Isle Of Life

For freedom.

For the love of the open azure sky.

“I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS” yelled the little mermaid.

“But you are already my princess, darling” replied the Mermaid King in soothing tones. Yet his voice had given up—not because of his old age, but because of seeing his daughter in distress. Cracks developed in his notes, through which the monstrosity of his daughter’s demand infiltered. The little mermaid heaved a sigh of extreme exasperation and swam away leaving her father alone in his throne room. Tiny pearls glinted with a warm glow where she left a stream of her wistful tears.

Days went by but the nights became longer. The waters of Silvercrest turned violet with the tears of the little mermaid. The ocean no longer shone in its pristine aquamarine shades. The little mermaid cried and cried until the Silvercrest hill submerged itself in the anguished whirlpool…

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