#VignetteSeries – Miss Grace Grace

Grace is a character in two upcoming Steampunk novels. I like her, she has beauty and brains. At a time when women were often seen as secondary, Grace refuses to be. This is an early version of a finalised airship scene.

“Look at him, Rochester, stood their like he owns the bloody place.”

“I see him and revile him. Too strong, Cobblethwaite?”

“Not strong enough, my friend. I think we, as members of the gentry, should set him straight.”

“Here, here! After you.”

“After whom, gentlemen?”

“Ah, Miss Grace.”

“Grace shall suffice.”

“Grace, then.”

“Might enquire what has riled you both so?”

“Him,” said Lord Cobblethwaite.

“Yes,” him agreed, Lord Rochester.

“Stood there like he’s king of the world. You’d think this infernal Zep… Zep…”


“Thank you, Grace. You’d think this Zeppelin was his the way he flaunts himself on the observation deck. If anyone should have first view of the Himalayas, it should be us.”

“Or you, dear girl,” drooled Rochester.

“Why, thank you.”

“Our pleasure,” said the two walruses as one.


“But what, Grace?”

“It is of no consequence.”

“If something troubles you, you must say. You wouldn’t want us to have to do a Headlock on you.”

“A Headlock?”

“Private joke. We sometimes pretend to be the great English investigator Mortimer Headlock with the power to smite our enemies by brains or brute strength as the situation demands.”

“Alas, I fear not, My Lords. Not on this occasion, anyway.”

“Bah!” Rochester blustered.

“Yes, we’re as good as he.”



“Then allow me a moment,” Grace purred.

“To do what?”

“To ask him.”

“What!” gasped Cobblethwaite.

“That is Mortimer Headlock.”


“And, gentlemen.”

“Yes, Grace.”

“We’ve been flying over the Himalayas since yesterday. Goodbye.”

3 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – Miss Grace Grace

  1. I do love the names you are coming up with. Very chic!

    OH and by the way…♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪ Singing Your Praises for all you do Because Youre Awsome ♪(・o・)♪ this #ThankfulThursday ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪

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