#VignetteSeries – Ennui

Author’s note: Two sides of a coin here. I’m dabbling with these two. They’re growing on me.

“Ennui is such a bore.” A man dressed in full funeral attire lay back on his chaise longue placing the back of one hand to his forehead.

“Yes, tedious,” agreed his almost-twin, but in white.

“It was not always this way. I remember when to lounge in languor was the done thing, desirable, even. To not commit to anything, to pacify for the sake of it and not because you couldn’t be arsed. Ah, those were the days.”

“Are they so different?”

“Oh, very. Would you care for an explanation?”

The man in white adjusted his dickie bow, rocked three times in his chair for no apparent reason and said, “No, not really.”

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