#VignetteSeries – Unwanted Visions

Author’s note: This is something I’ve been jiggling. The object may still change, but the reaction won’t. I want it short and sharp.

“I hated it with a passion reserved only for the worst of things.”

“It must have been terrible to behold.”

“It was. I couldn’t bear to look upon it. No light did it justice, no darkness hid its truths. There was no escaping the inescapable.”

“But what was this demon, this monstrosity?”

“It was a mirror, Charles. It was me.”

29 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – Unwanted Visions

  1. I agree with the other commentator that said…keep it short and retain the first and last lines, don’t know about you got to retain the first or last lines, each to his own, but commong Mr.Ankers, you named the character Charles….!
    Don’ t bring me into you fantasy writing world, although the story was pretty cool, but no more Charles please, I’ m flushing red right now, I actually feel honored

  2. I’ve read it, re-read it a few times. I think you shouldn’t shorten it, but if you really feel the need to…Nope, still can’t figure out what could be taken out of the dialogue.
    Good luck πŸ˜‰

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