Meet Guest Author Richard M. Ankers…

Chris allowed me the opportunity to appear on his wonderful blog. I hope you find what I revealed (nobody knew) interesting.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

How does one make an introduction when he hates talking about himself? Hm, I know, I’ll tell you what convinced me to give up everything to write. We’ll see how that goes because it’s something only I know.

It started with a Death.

richard-m-ankersI have a bad memory bordering on terrible, so when events stick in my mind, they’re significant. Peta was there from the start. She still is in one way or another.

One of my first memories of school was the day the headmaster announced during assembly that Peta’s father had died of a brain haemorrhage or something equally terrible. We were to give her space and respect. At six one’s comprehension of such things is sketchy, but we tried.

It was particularly cruel on Peta because she was brilliant. Clever, pretty, talented — she played the flute even then — she was everything I was not. Self-confidence…

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34 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Richard M. Ankers…

  1. Richard, isn’t it amazing how someone can have such a profound impact on our lives? There’s no doubt that she is smiling in heaven…and I’d venture to guess that being that she had such a large part in your story I am certain she watches over you!

  2. Sometimes people cross our lives only briefly but with great impact. Perhaps that was Peta’s purpose in touching your life – to point you in the direction that is right for you. Bless her for the lesson she taught you, and bless you for listening and taking heed 🙂

  3. Wasn’t it serendipity that you were in close distance with her through high school, then meet her in your mid thirties, and met her ex boyfriend to learn about her death. Death is a tragedy, but it seemed that she gave you a deep impression, perhaps her impression never left you. So by serendipity, you had a closure – found out about her death. That impact somehow influenced you in a good way.

      1. That’s right. A scholar friend just passed away in 71 of alzheimer. He battled for 8 years. Prior to that, he wrote books and books. He was a professor. His teaching notes were so organized that, didn’t need too much editing to be published. His students said they were glad that my friend didn’t wait until retirement to write books.

  4. It is a beautiful experience when another’s purpose inspires us to act, to align ourselves with our own purpose. We gift each other with our being. I believe not always it is for us to be direct with our giving. That is why I feel our focus is to be our wonderful selves as best as we are aware of what that is. The ripple of that inner peace with touch many.

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