#VignetteSeries – The Remaining

Author's Note: This got completely changed in a short story I wrote, but I think it's still quite effective.

They crept and crouched, skulked and squirmed, a never ending wave of mud-coated scum. In sneering leers and manic eyes, they dragged themselves out of the water, through the reeds, and into the sand dunes where all fell onto backs or rolled onto fronts or sprawled beneath the sun. Like a contagion, the remains of the remaining spread across the golden silica like bacteria on a petri dish.
Kayla clasped a hand to her mouth.
Piotr closed his eyes.
If only they'd held onto Sooty their dog who stood defiant, protection on his mind, and barked, and barked, and barked.
As one slurping, slavering horde, the remaining turned.

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