#VignetteSeries – Perkin Perkins 2

Perkin Perkins’ nemesis, one Sir Magnus Monk, is in the palace grounds and making a mess. Perkins is displeased.

“Marbles, sir.”

“What, Porkling?”

“Perkins, sir, and it’s your marbles.”

“What about my marbles?”

“You’re losing them, sir.”

“How dare…”

“From your pocket, sir. I do believe you have a hole.”

“Oh, well you could have told me earlier, Perplet.”

“Perkins, sir, and I couldn’t, I’ve only just traced them to you.”

Sir Magnus Monk turned his aquiline features to see a trail of glass marbles marking his perambulation across the palace grounds.

“They’re there in case I get lost.”

“We are in open grassland, sir.”

“I couldn’t be certain.”

“And Buckingham Palace is never out of sight for a half mile or more.”

“I have poor eyesight.”

“I see.”

“And what the hell do you mean by that!” The stooped Monk’s heckles rose.

“I mean, I see, sir.”

“Your insolence is beginning to rile, Porkins.”

“Perkins, sir, and I say I see because I do see that you cannot see. Sir.”

“Your blathering balderdash is going to get you into serious trouble, Pocklet.”

“As are your swastika underpants. They’re hanging out, sir. It’s why I set out in pursuit.”

“Oh! Ah! Um!”

“Exactly my thought’s, Sir. Don’t worry, though, your clothing faux pas is safe with me.”

“It better be.”

“It is, sir. I put it down to you losing your marbles.”

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