50 Word Stories: Intangible Travellers

Nobody heard them, the Zeppelins ghosting over the Alps like overstuffed marshmallows. They travelled by moonlight, celestial misfits and cosmic ragamuffins. Some said, it powered them. I didn't believe the stories, though. Who would've?
They drifted over my Munich apartment intangible hands waving goodbye. I believed then. How I believed!

11 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: Intangible Travellers

  1. Well there’s so many wins here it’s unreal. The use of ragamuffin, the idea of them flying o-er-head and mostly the magic of this, reminds me of being a kid and the wide-eyed belief we had! As well as the fear (of war) lovely! YOu have managed to mix all my memories together in this!

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