#VignetteSeries – Revenge

This is a working sample from a piece that I’ve written about forty-thousand words of. I’m undecided whether to call it Dark Tides or The Repaired. It’s annoying me.

The tides sucked and pulled, pulled and sucked, the disparate occupants of the boat left to shield worried faces from the sea spray. If ever a scene was further from that of the Homelands, Kara found it hard to imagine.

Lord Caw and Squab appeared even less enamoured than Kara, Kyle and the professor. Lord Caw had turned his back to them, his great black feathers flicking up in the wind like black eels to peck at his neck. Squab remained impassive. The larger of the Crows stared into the chopping waters with a face like thunder and mood to match. Kara pitied any Shark Man that returned; storms crackled behind Squab’s eyes, he wreaked of revenge.

19 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – Revenge

  1. Wonderfully intriguing tale, beautifully written Richard. A conundrum…Dark Tides is wonderful but seems worn for such a brilliant piece. I know you didn’t ask me…leaves, walking backward out the door. 😎

    1. When I thought the idea up, I thought Dark Tides. But ever since I started typing, I’ve titled it The Repaired. The only aspect of writing I ever change is the titles, I’m terrible for it. 😬

      1. Well, it’s essential (I don’t need to tell you !) to
        Have a title that draws one in, makes them really want to read that book ! 🙂

  2. Interesting characters and situation. This definitely makes me want more. Can’t help you with the title. Dark Tides sounds overused, even if it isn’t. The Repaired doesn’t tell me much. Keep playing. Something will come up!

  3. I agree with D. Wallace. I would love to read more to help with the title. Or is Revenge now the final take? Am I late to the party?😶

      1. Gemini: Two minds, Libra: Balance in all things. We share the same indecisive energy! 😂😂😂😂

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