#VignetteSeries – Violante

Violante is one of Jean’s former dalliances in The Eternals. Italian, with the most beautiful violet eyes, Violante was to play a major part in the trilogy but now only appears in the soon to be released book three, Into Eternity. She’s what some might term a pocket rocket. I wish I could’ve included her more.


“Jean, not Raven.”

“You always used to like it.”

“I used to like many things.”

“Even me?”

“More your mother.”

“I am everything she was and more. You know this, but play your usual rebellious role.”

“I play me and nothing more.”

Always so predictable, I’d hoped you’d changed.”

“I’m glad I haven’t. Change is to me what height is to you.”

“Do tell, my melancholy monster.”


Thank you for reading


Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted

[The Eternals Series](οΏΌ


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