#VignetteSeries – Perkins Angers

Author's Note: Perkin Perkins is a man renowned and treasured for his calm. That does not mean he is always so. After all, there are times when everyone meets a complete ****. Still, there's certain ways to express it.

"I have seen things I should rather not, things one should never have had to see, terrible things. Life has weathered me, one might say. Therefore, I can say this with a degree of certainty others could not. In fact, I can say this with the assuredness that only experience can qualify."
"Really, Plopkins?"
"Perkins. And yes, Sir Magnus Monk, he who thinks himself the better of everyone and everything merely through a three-lettered extension to his name, one of birth, not earning."
"Then thrall me with this thus far unprecedented display of backbone. If you can, Perkster? If you can?"
"For the last time, it's Perkins."
"My apologies, you're just so forgettable."
"Ironic, for my revelation is this and I never forget it. You, Sir Magnus, are an arse!"

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