#VignetteSeries – A Glimpse Into a Work in Progress

Author’s Note: As a big thank you to everyone who spoke so kindly on my guest post for Chris TheStoryReadingApe, I am revealing a little of my work in progress. This is raw and unedited but I hope it gives you a taste for what might come. My apologies if there’s any mistakes as I’ve just copied and pasted it. I hope theres’s none.


Headlock shifted in his seat. He turned down his table lamp until it allowed his study’s flickering fire to lick at his face. If ever a man fell away into another reality, he did, only the flames reflected in his eyes giving him definition. He began.

“At first, there was only darkness. Obsidian ruled in shining black, the night eternal glorious in its emptiness. The void, timeless, still, entered all realities with the gentle fostering of a loving parent. It spared nothing, banished all. Yet darkness alone in all its quiet perfection, its lulling calm, grew lonely. The night wished for more, for companionship, a beacon. And so the moon was born that shining silver orb in all its majesty. It materialised out of the aether as though placed with the delicate care of a diamond in the greatest, most precious ring of all, infinity. The entity, darkness, was lonely no more, beauty gleaming from the nothingness. However, the act of creation spawned more for these things cannot be contained. Stars proliferated, planets bloomed, and on one such entity life stirred. The moon watched on from the heavens as the little ones trickled into existence. She envied them did Lady Moonshine. She came to worship them as much as they did her. An uneasy alliance formed, and darkness, who’d remained happy for millennia, content in his adoration of that silver bauble, knew jealousy. The celestial balance shattered, darkness deeming itself betrayed, vowed all else would pay. No one would have her but he. No one! Fearing for all she had become and all that she might, the spirit of the moon fled and every dimension trembled at darkness’s rage. He vowed that no matter where she fled, where she hid; no matter how many guises she might wear, he would find her, take her, keep her, and if not, the universe in all its realities would fall. Here endeth the lesson,” said Headlock Albion’s greatest mind and ofttimes investigator to The Crown.

Grace Grace daughter of the famed Professor Grace slurped where she’d meant to sip, Headlock’s magical monologue, broken. “Magnificent,” she said to fill the void.

“Thank you.”

“No truly,” she said leaning forward, her canary-yellow skirts fluffing up around her like a lemon meringue. “It is a heart stirring and most fantastical tale.” Grace quietly set her emptied tea cup aside.

“Are not all such stories.”

“Perhaps. Were they lovers?”

“In the tale?”


“He loved her, after all, he created her to be loved.”

“And she?”

I think that’s enough or I’ll be giving the game away.

Thanks for reading


Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted

14 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – A Glimpse Into a Work in Progress

  1. Yes, I agree that there is a poetic element to your writing, Richard. I find it compelling and felt disappointed when I reached the end. Well done!

  2. I am glad this is a work of progress, so I have time to read the staple already waiting.
    However, when you finished this one, it’s definitely going to be on the top of the staple, if it still exists by then.

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