Spring in Midwinter

Spring in Midwinter

Midwinter offered a serene calm no other time of year could. I’d always loved the snow, how it crunched beneath my feet yet still soothed the soul, how it stole my breath in misting ghosts, how it numbed my fractured mind. I longed for it, yearned for it, prayed for its porcelain perfection. No words could’ve changed my opinion. You didn’t need them.
Your eyes shone against the season’s stark charms, sparkled in the midwinter light; green like Spring, they overflowed with life. We passed each other with a polite smile, you stopping to ask the time. I forgot the church clock rose behind me, a looming spectre, a reminder of time and its effects; you looked straight at it. Still, I placed my flowers as I did each Sunday, pulled up a sleeve and laughed as I realised it the wrong one. That was the first time I’d laughed in almost two years. You smiled again; I lost my heart to it.
That’s how a new stage of my life began and an old one ended. You did that for me. You saved me from myself with a green-eyed wink.
Midwinter remained my favourite part of the year, always would, but for better reason than before. I celebrated it as the time I met you.

8 thoughts on “Spring in Midwinter

  1. A haiku senryu reply:

    poets inspire
    others to divulge feelings
    bringing words to life

    my mind exploding
    letters falling covering all
    breath blowing word drifts

    A snowy haiku senryu fling
    Wake up! Wake up, join in
    Mid winter spring time joys.

    to join in the spirit
    of mid winter spring time
    my haiku poems

    spring days mid winter
    false security beware
    seasons out of tune

    snow crystal beauty
    D I Y winter carpet
    Angels dandruff

    winter in full bloom
    snowdrops dancing in the breeze
    mass celebration

    wrapped up warm
    our souls await the fray
    downhill skiing

    rosy red pouting
    your lips your breath snow white clouds
    enchanting winter

    we touch we feel hot
    snow angels having fun time
    snow diamonds jiving

    pines bending touching
    fir cones forming sledges
    leprechauns racing

    Will be posting these to my blog, watch out for a pingback, thanks for sharing such an inspiring post,


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