Stellar Guest Post – Richard Ankers

No ordinary midday post from me today. Instead, the lovely Nicola Auckland asked if I’d be her first guest on a new blog column. How could I refuse. I hope you enjoy the short story I sent her and the brief foreword that explains why I’ve never done anything else with it.
Thanks as always for reading and please enjoy Nicola’s wonderful blog.

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

The first edition of the fortnightly Stellar Guest Post is being graced by Richard Ankers. Many of you will be acquainted with Richard from his daily offerings of poetry, short stories and vignettes. If you are, you will know he has no shortage of material and has kindly agreed to share some of this with us today. If you have never met, read on. When you are done, be sure to connect and make sure you never miss a thing.

Thank you for being my first victim guest Richard!

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