The Benefits of Escapism

The Benefits of Escapism

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A Writer’s World

Writing is more than a passion, it’s a therapy. An escape from a world that often seems destined for disaster, writing offers that rare opportunity to not just step back, but also, step away. When I say away, I mean by extension to drift off into our imaginations, which is often the only place left for ourselves. Writing gifts us this outlet. For me, it’s a lifesaver.

I don’t like confrontation unless it is necessary; violence unless it is a last resort; provocation without good reason. Some people thrive on such things insisting you cannot be free without each. I disagree, but I don’t feel the need to shove my opinion down someone else’s throat. Neither do I like hassle for hassle’s sake nor the sneers and jibes of those who think they’re your better. I don’t like a lot of things: prejudice; intolerance; war; big-mouths and the list goes on. At one time, I might’ve stood on my podium and disparaged those people who disagreed. Now, I write and let them get on with it. Life is too short to waste on verbal lambasting and displays of physical prowess.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t or won’t be times when you must stand up for yourself or others but it’s not the way to influence. I prefer to use words.

Words act as a therapeutic balm to my soul. Escaping into worlds of my own creation, which are more real to me than any stage hoarder’s or televisual mainstay’s, cleanse my mind. I breathe every comma and I live every full stop. I yearn for the sunsets and pray for every dawn. One has to if one wishes to convince a reader of the same. It is here in the realms of fantasy I allow my thoughts to shine and my true feelings to permeate every dreamscape. This is a place I feel happy in and happiness is a commodity you can’t buy.

These are the reasons I gave up everything to write and draw a line in the sand between those who say you can’t, or, in my case, you couldn’t. These are the reasons I would dare that you can.

I intend to live my dreams whilst hoping to inspire others to do the same. This is my private escapism from a world I now distance myself from, one where there are too few dreamers and too many destroyers.

I would end by saying this: Don’t disparage writers for living the dreams others rely on. We need them now more than ever.

Thank you for reading.


12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Escapism

  1. Awww. (applause) I dont know how many times i said this very sentiment being in the world yesterday. There are only minutes, influence by acts and words to help people along. Besides, if we cannot live up to our opinions it is just carbon monoxide…a breath to kill. Too many opinions floating around and little being down. Tired of listening… ✌🏼😎💛

  2. Loved this post! I can agree on the list of things you dislike and the reasons to take distance from the world. I can agree on the reasons of escapism in to the world of imagination …except maybe I think it is not escapism …it is the world that seems more real to the writers in us …Power to the dreams and dreamers!

  3. I watch the process daily. It’s similar to an being an athlete – the highs, the lows, the training, the discipline, the improvement, the setbacks. Good Luck, Good Faith.

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