The Jumper (Drabble)

Author's Note: A Drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.

"I'm a kangaroo," he said.
I looked at him strange and replied, "No, sir, you're a man. A troubled man, but a man nonetheless."
He didn't like that.
Reaching into his frontpack, he hauled out a young baby dressed all in brown, passed me it, then hopped off the roof without another word.

They called me a hero, the cop who'd saved baby Joey. I wasn't. I'd made a grown man feel stupid enough to jump, that's all. If he'd wanted to be a kangaroo, I should've let him. His kid could've at least visited him in the zoo.

10 thoughts on “The Jumper (Drabble)

  1. I totally get it. This is what happens when we try to push what we believe or perceive onto others, making them feel worthless and stupid, when actuality what they believe is really harming no one. Brilliant…as always!!!

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