Mouldering in Time

Author’s Note: When I first started writing The Eternals Series one of the major stumbling blocks I attempted to overcome was one I felt others authors had neglected: the true effects of time. If one could not die, how would it affect one’s sanity, especially if the minds in question deteriorated where the bodies did not? As a consequence, I wrote hundreds (literally) of text snippets. They were nothing flash, but it was like swilling my mouth with them until the taste was right. This is one such piece.

I hope you enjoy


Cherry Sunrise copy.jpg

Our memories decayed over time. What resistance the mind endeavoured to propose failed at every turn; I lost my sanity but never my smile. With each passing day those snippets of self were dispersed like cherry blossom in a breeze to pile in unfortunate heaps of mouldering nothingness. It saddened me whilst still I understood what sadness was. As the aeons slipped by like dew from a hedge all remnants of self faded until all that remained was instinct and sight. You were my waking sight each day and for that I needed no memory. With every rebirth our love was reborn and no traversing through time could diminish it. Love proved eternal.

Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted

Into Eternity (Very Soon)

The Eternals Sample Chapter

16 thoughts on “Mouldering in Time

  1. Beautiful, Richard, and an interesting premise. I filled up the useable parts of my brain years ago, so now I have to forget something if I want to remember something new. For an immortal that would be centuries of forgetting. How sad. You capture it well.

  2. There is an author who considers what millennia of existence would do to the human mind – Alastair Reynolds in his Revelation Space novels with his post-humans… They are definitely different! Though not as movingly or poetically expressed as your ancient character:)

      1. You’re welcome:). He doesn’t take quite the same approach as you – but he’s very clear that extreme old age turns folks odd…

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