VignetteSeries – Universal Shores

Author’s Note: I still may use this, but as it stands have stripped it from an anthology I’ve just about finished.

We opened our eyes to endless night and a firefly vista of twinkling lights. We’d washed up between worlds, realities, time and space, those places parked in dreams and lucid nightmares. Our universe, or one of them, had cast us upon the shores of forever without map or compass.

They’d belittled Chambers, dragged his name through the mud, but he’d been right all along. We weren’t alone, never had been, and everywhere we looked the eyes of others, those ghosts and gremlins, spectres and alternate us, glimmered. They waited for someone to make the next move in that infinite nothingness that spider’s web of intertwining dimensions and burgeoning beginnings and I for one hadn’t a clue what to do.

“Hello, my name’s Grace,” said Grace.

Well, it was a start.

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