Shallow, the swamping waves

Barely a ripple to the glass

A disturbance of self

Stagnant waters rife with death

They stole my voice

Poured sludge upon dreams

Yes, shallow, my drowning

The worst way to go

23 thoughts on “Shallow

      1. You are indeed, give me some help for mt writing, won’t be like yours but I actually study you guys, then I go on a limb and try my own thing, but even if you don’t know it, you are a teacher

      2. Yes, that is not really a good idea.
        Hey!!! Richard, Iยดm sober now, has been….well only half of a day, but..kidding, hell man, and this i think is worst than the military to try to stay sober for a month plus, why do I tell you this?
        Anyways, I bet you I can out run you in your monning jogs.

      3. That creepy yellow face….whatยดs with you people? Always putting creepy faces….I can try what? I forgot what I wrote to you earlier, not my fault is the fault of some god damn weed, so that is that and introduce myself with a hat.
        I should become a rapper….. comon mr. ankers, lets see, come on!!!! you gotta respond to this thing, although you are too cool righ? cooly manuly populy…sorry, I went off the railway, but you gotta answer

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