50 Word Stories: Tokyo Nights

My overwhelming impression was one of colour. If ever a place wrapped you in the protective cocoon of butterfly wings, it was this. Tokyo blazed with vermillions, neons and citrines each more resplendent than the next, each devastating in conception. Beautiful I thought, as I tried to remember the moon.

9 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: Tokyo Nights

      1. I’ve asked Mathias and this is his response:
        “the moon providing a philosophical opportunity! Indeed, sometimes the moon in Tokyo needs to be found behind the skyscrapers. Besides all the other lights the moon’s reflection doesn’t seem spectacular in the city. However, the moon is visible as there is, fortunately, no smog in Tokyo (in contrast to some big Chines or Indian cities for example) and many clear nights. And it is the same moon you see in Europe:-). Despite geographical and cultural differences, the sun, the moon, natural laws, love, kindness, life purpose, and mortality are the same everywhere:-)!!”
        ( https://mathias-sager.com/2017/03/12/culture/comment-page-1/#comment-665 )
        🙂 🙂 🙂

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