Issue 10, the Anger Issue, is Now Available!

Hooray! Issue 10 of fēlan is out and I’m In it. There’s an awful lot of talented people in this issue so it’s well worth checking out. Great work by Jennifer, as always.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a special announcement…

Issue 10 is here!!!

Get your copy here.

This issue was guest judged by Emilio Pascale and features the work of:

  • Hildy Maze
  • Halima Abdul-Jaleel
  • M. Zane McClellan
  • Edilson Afonso-Ferreira
  • Mohamad Kebbewar
  • Howie Good
  • Jason Hart
  • Anonymous
  • Nikki Marrone
  • Alan Jankowski
  • Ashba Zulfiqar
  • Rachael Gay
  • Thomas Locke
  • Douglas K Currier
  • Beryl Brenner
  • Christine Ray
  • Kara D. Spain
  • Mélissa Chalhoub
  • Jasmine Smoot
  • Karis Strannemar
  • Debbie Lewandowski
  • Roderick Bates
  • Kristin Roedell
  • Greta Radzeviciute
  • Daylen Princen
  • Toni H
  • Richard M. Ankers
  • Grove Koger
  • Angela Wang
  • Jenni Bee
  • Dan Fraser
  • Paul F. Lenzi
  • Djoi Nije Za Svakoga

That’s 33 artists, 33 poems and 15 art works. It’s really worth checking out.

Check out the artist interviews to learn more about the creators of issue 10.

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16 thoughts on “Issue 10, the Anger Issue, is Now Available!

  1. Congratulations. I can’t keep up with all the amazing pieces of art already, so I have to skip buying this one. So sorry about that, but very happy for you, you are published in this magazine. XxX

      1. Ok, but I wanted to ask you something anyway; I downloaded the two first sequels of the Eternal-series via Amazon Kindle Unlimited, which means I borrow the books. Do you get a percentage (or how do you call that) too, if someone does that?

      2. Ok, I get that. I really do. However, a writer has to eat to, right? And I want to make sure I support you in the right way, so you can continue writing 😉
        Having said that, I am glad the borrow option is available too, since it provides me an opportunity to read your books, ’cause, well, unfortunately I can’t buy all the books I like. This way I can read one book by a author first, if I like the genre and writing style. (by the way, so far I really enjoy The Eternal first book).
        Ok, won’t keep you occupied any longer…wishing you a wonderful week again. XxX

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