My Midnight

Author’s Note: This is a story I wrote some time ago. It was written for a specific theme that I don’t suppose will ever return, so I thought I’d post it for you. I hope you enjoy it as it was one I was always proud of writing. Yet another I’d rather post than leave to fester in a file on my laptop.


She bathed in the waters of the midnight sea unlit by the vibrant moon. Mysterious in her dark allure, she radiated a misting shade far beyond that of the night. An ebony presence outlined by rivulets of flowing stars, her slender figure slipped through the surf in silence. Even the sea gods shied from touching so divine a darkness. Her purity demanded it.

Almost spectral in those quiet hours, I observed her from behind the sand dunes. She gave no acknowledgement of my presence, or any other, so there I remained unable to tear my eyes from such exquisite a form. She made slow passage through the shallows taking her time as though savoring every delicious moment. I prayed she did it to tease me; a wishful fantasy. Unhurried, she passed my hiding place in slow, undulating strokes, fearless of those creatures that lurked near the ocean boundaries. Then again, why need she, the night was she and she the night.

And so it was I lingered on her horizon as I did each night since first spying her. Drawn to her elemental majesty, I watched from so near, yet so far. However long I dallied it seemed never enough and always over too soon. Time can play tricks on a person in such situations. How I yearned above all else to hold, kiss, love her; tell her I watched over her. But I could not. The coward in me prevented it and the coward within that proved too scared to speak up.

And so it was I made my peace in being content to look but not touch, listen but not speak. Still, what I wouldn’t have given to see her eyes just once. It would have been worth the risk to know the color of perfection, would it not? The same question every night. I must have asked it myriad times from dusk to dawn and back again. There was never an answer to quench my thirst for her.

Time moved slower than usual, or so I imagined. The October moon hovered in an obsidian sky, a diamond set upon a ring of night, and never once looked like descending. The silver orb cast its light upon the ocean, but could not touch she. That saddened me. Such beauty deserved so divine a spotlight more than any soul I had known. And so in a moment I would eternally regret, I revealed myself. Shattered, our tryst lay in tatters.

No sooner did I rise from my eastern berth like a dawning sun, at first slow just peeking above the dunes, then faster ever rising, did she depart. In a haze of smudged charcoals where the pair of us collided as sea mist, then fog, she vanished. My heart felt ripped from its all too mortal cage.

Cursed to never know the one soul I wished, I paced the dawn beach ashamed of my timidity. By the time the tide had swallowed her damp footprints, I had forgotten her. Or so I told myself. By night those thoughts would change.

Once again my midnight would consume me, and the heartache would begin anew. For I, a lowly fisherman did not deserve a goddess for a bride, though I hoped. If I could have talked to her, held her in a tender embrace, then perhaps she would’ve known and wanted me. Perhaps? Sometimes, I thought she already did. Sometimes, but not often.

The End

58 thoughts on “My Midnight

  1. Heartafire

    this is a stunningly beautiful write Richard…so many amazing verses,
    “a diamond set upon a ring of night” , this could well be about a ship passing and a young man desiring to sail the world. Lovely!

  2. A gorgeous piece, Richard. I’d like to share it on my Sunday Blog Share on 3/12, if that’s okay. Sometimes I come back to your pieces and they’re gone. I get a “page not found.” Do you delete them sometimes?

      1. Diana, I’ve had a moment!!!!! If you can still see the ‘my midnight’ post for your repost there’s no need to do anything. If you can’t, let me know. I moved it to ‘featured’ to stop myself touching it and now it’s no longer in the normal blog posts. I’ve tried to put it back but can’t. I hope you can still link to it. I’ll try again if you can’t. (I’m useless!!!)

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  4. Diana brought me here today, and I am sure glad she did. What an ethereal piece, it could be taken to mean anything. Your writing is magical, and so vivid I felt I was watching an intense film, rather than reading πŸ™‚

  5. Richard, you are justifiably right to be proud of this and thank you so much for sharing it – this should definitely see the light of day! A beautiful magical lyrical piece and wonderful to read aloud!

  6. Hopped here from Diana’s page. Great craft. I imagined that the characters were personifications of Day and Night (or the sun and the night sky, specifically).

  7. I hopped over from Diana’s blog and what a wonderful story I found…such lyrical prose and imagery is very rare these days! Loved it and would like to re-read it. Thanks Richard.

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