50 Word Stories: Wonderful Departures

The angled sunlight made mirrors of the water, the sky below as above. It was like sailing between worlds in neither one realm nor the other, a breath held. My small boat made passage as though on that final trip we all must take. If so, what a wonderful departure.

Author's Note: as almost all my pictures, this is from Pixabay due to no attribution being required. But I just had to say WOW!

12 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: Wonderful Departures

  1. What a grandeur scenery to drift off! It reminds me of a science fiction movie about people in that city cannot live beyond certain age. When when reach that age, they receive euthanasia, before the injection, they could choose a music and a scene to drift off…

      1. Portland Oregon just passed the law to legalize euthanasia a couple years ago. One woman (not too old) didn’t want to deal with the cancer and went to Portland with husband and kids around her when the doctor did the injection!! That’s a different thinking!

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