Of Dreams & Ghosts

Author’s Note: I wrote this immediately after reading a post by my good pal the wonderful Sue Vincent and her struggles with sleep. I hope you enjoy it.


When one is small, the night terrors seem all the more fearsome, bigger, unavoidable. The act of sleeping becomes a nightmare that one will do anything to avoid. Anything!

The beauty of youth lies in the length of the days and the innocent belief they will never end. The sun will rise to hang in the sky seconds dragging to minute, minutes to hours. Years never enter the equation. This is the way of things. The moon, however, is a fleeting visitor. This changes with time.

As an adult, the days shorten and nights increase. The inevitable slide toward death sees the daylight hours hurtle by at a rate of knots, the nights drawing out in their passage to one continuous darkness. For a child of nightmares who grows into adulthood, this is the worst time of all. Not everyone sheds the fears of youth. I think she knew this.

She came as a gathering of dust motes illuminated by the moon. Of no discernible distinction, more cloud than woman, she accumulated each night in the deepest recesses of my subconscious. I did not know her only of her. Neither did I dread her though some might have. She was the nightly reassurance that someone, anyone watched over me.

I did not shake the nightmares overnight. I wish I had, but that would be a lie. They were weaned from me like a child form its mother’s milk. A gentle coaxing of one soul from here to there with whispered affirmations and unseen smiles. She was so kind. No, that is wrong. She is so kind.

So, who is she, this woman with the opal eyes, this misting nymph? I do not know, I never have. All I can tell you is this: there are things we do not understand, and she is one of them. Neither do I wish to understand her. There are times when it is better to just close one’s eyes and dream.

The End

40 thoughts on “Of Dreams & Ghosts

  1. I hate to say it, but gotta love your writing…..by the way you did say in a sentence…whatever duuuude, I just re read it, and it all comes perfectly from top to bottom.

    Stay Frosty gent.

  2. I don’t remember nightmares as a child. I suppose I had them because someone told me they were my dreams and I had total control over what happened. So when things started to get scary somehow I learned to fix them. That is my wish for everyone who suffers, that they learn how to fix the nightmare and turn it into a beautiful dream.

  3. This is beautiful and beautifully written. I felt mesmerized and drawn into the other worldly aspect of a ghostly spirit, billowing night clouds, and a drifting moon that somehow wakes one in the middle of the night. K D

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