Darker Than Dark

The night is a stealthy assassin

It snatches at my peace

But I have none

This darkness flows

Surreal waves across my chest

Clawing for a heart; I resist

Obsidian, polished to perfection

I see myself reflected

The midnight senses its mistake

Darker than the dark

In melancholy, I brood

Such intoxicating misery

Beware you legions of death

The damned and the damning

Smiling, I wait

24 thoughts on “Darker Than Dark

    1. Dorinda, this is exactly what I was going to write! ha ha ha! I guess that’s why YOU are my friend and Richard is one of our favorite authors as well as our mutual friend! Richard you did us proud – us lovers of the dark – this appealed to me immediately you do it good you always have.

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