Liz (Elfje)


Her eyes

Made for movies

They pierced the world



19 thoughts on “Liz (Elfje)

  1. Taylor? I thought for a long time she was Welsh but that was just Burton wasn’t it? If she had been, then maybe kin and kit to Arthur, a distinct possibility with those violet eyes. I mean WHO has violet eyes? Surely she was from the stars. Had a really good heart, cared. I liked her very much.

      • I admired her when she was the only one among her peers who stood up for AIDS/HIV and especially for Rock Hudson. I recall as a kid seeing her do this, wondering why others did not, how people accused her of having the disease. She literally saved lives by her work – she had a huge heart the kind of heart that doesn’t exist so much these days. I am with you, she was one of a kind, they don’t make them like her anymore. Wherever the violet eyed girls and boys play, that’s where I want to go

      • I read a thing recently talking about ‘what is old?’ and how Liz was only in her late thirties when she did that breakdown film where she’s playing an over-the-hill Virgina Woolf and Anne whatshername was only in her thirties when she was Mrs Robinson (they gave a bunch more examples) and how in ‘those days’ a woman of late thirties was considered old enough to be the Mrs Robinson type whereas that has changed and now it would more likely be a Madelaine Stowe in her late fifties type, because we’re looking younger, acting younger, different expectations, longer shelf lives etc. I suppose I agree, though I would say men always had a longer shelf life and women’s isn’t much improved, though somewhat and maybe the occasional man finds a woman over 50 attractive, I would hope anyway but then if they don’t it’s surely their loss as other women will 😉 (cheeky end to statement)

      • Sometimes. Sometimes life leaches beauty of the physical kind away, leaving another kind of beauty as you say, more spirit-based. Sometimes people cannot fathom or appreciate that kind. I always felt I could, I recall finding older people’s faces so hypnotic. Remember as kids we’d see ‘all sorts’ literally, now they say more are homogenized, I’m inclined to agree, there is a blurring into more even-features, fewer stark or imperfect. I’m not sure this is ‘good’ though maybe in the age of selfies, necessary.

      • Perhaps the challenge is in being with someone throughout those transformations and appreciating the steps. I would not say a person leaves someone because their beauty fades, but it does seem that at certain ages there are abrupt endings, so maybe it’s more about time-spent, is there a sell by date on time spent with one person? Some would say, yes you can only go so long, others would believe in forever. I like the latter, but my jaded self wonders if it is possible

      • It is definitely possible. You see past the skin to the heart within to such an extent you can’t really remember how it was before. Then again, I have a bad memory. 😉

      • 😉 sometimes a blessing! You say you have a bad memory, compared to whom? I wouldn’t say you did, else you could not word-conjur quite so adeptly. Nevertheless, I have come to think of memories as torment as well as the glue holding our world, without them we are just empty masks, but … with them we are continually looking to the pain to guide the future. Success is turning the memory around, I’m not at that juncture there, I only know the theory 😉

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