In the Valleys of the Moon

Author’s Note: When my headaches won’t go, I like to imagine myself in a quiet place. This was the result whilst sat drinking my coffee. I hope you enjoy.

Endless, the valleys of the Moon stretched out before me in bone-white ridges. As always, the stars beamed through the punctured night like endless celestial spotlights; I tugged up my scarf and walked on.

On good nights when the air was clearest, the heavens shone in polished ebony like perfect Nubian skin; the darkness gleamed brighter than light. I thought that odd that midnight proved brighter than midday, but, of course, memory may have deceived me.

The valley opened out like an estuary of rock rippling away into the cosmos. If not for the oxygen being pumped through my weakling form, I’d have choked, or wept, or both.

The beauty of it all hadn’t hit home until now, the sheer magnificent loneliness of it all. The fact this was Earth, not the Moon, rolled over my consciousness like a cold compress to a fevered brow. I wiped my eyes and trudged on. There had to be someone else left, didn’t there? Didn’t there!

11 thoughts on “In the Valleys of the Moon

      1. Be kind to yourself Richard, you deserve it 😉 (and no debating me, remember? hihi) Wishing you another wonderful evening, XxX

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