She’s heard in every heartbeat,

Seen in the depths of a mind’s eye,

A constant portrait of unblemished perfection.

Felt in the static that prickles the skin,

She’s no illusion, but reality made intangible,

A ghost so true as to tease corporeality.

Though her presence is not required

To be imagined, it is longed for,

Hoped for with every atom of self.

She’s sensory, no mirage nor optical trick,

A perfect most beautiful dream.

She’s you,

Just you,

And ever shall be.

She’s you, though as yet we’ve never met.

14 thoughts on “Sensory

  1. You got me there at the end! We seem to be in the never been somewhere. Isn’t that what keeps us going!!! I smile when I read your surprise posts in my reader. I started looking at my reader and I see so much! LOL 😀 Ignore my blah! 🙂

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