50 Word Stories: Evil Treacle

An all-encompassing darkness licks my feet like an oil slick of repugnant, black something-or-other. I can neither place nor verbalise this nightmare essence, yet I focus on its swirling self for good reason. Life flows through this evil treacle, and though I wish it, it's not mine.

6 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: Evil Treacle

  1. Is the writer saying that he or she wishes the life inside the darkness was theirs? If so, I do not understand why. (Hope you do mind my question.)

    1. I don’t mind. The idea was (bear in mind it only took two minutes to write) that a Mer-man climbs out of the sea to look down on the girl who’s been looking down on him. Being out of the water kills him but it was worth it. 🙂

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