Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Reading and Interview – Richard Ankers

Oh, no! Sally’s only gone and done it. She’s interviewed me!
A big thank you and I hope you all enjoy.

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Sally's Cafe and Bookstore

Welcome to the Saturday edition of the Book Reading and Interview and today my guest is Richard Ankers, author of the two books so far in the Cyberpunk, Science Fiction TheEternal Series.

Please leave your own questions for Richard in the comments section of the post and he will respond to you over the next few days.

First the official background for Richard Ankers.

Richard M. Ankers was born a dreamer. From an early age, if Richard was not out in the fresh air playing sports, he was lost inside a good book or secretly writing his own. A lover of everything from Marvel comics to classic Fantasy and Science Fiction, he allowed his mind to wander to these fantastical places and never quite came back. Heavily influenced by authors ranging from Michael Moorcock and Gene Wolfe to such wonders as Haruki Murakami and Margaret Atwood, Richard enjoyed…

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11 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Reading and Interview – Richard Ankers

  1. This is truly a fantastic review and interview. The idea of you not blogging, hm. Almost makes me wish you don’t get to be famous. But you deserve to be and I do want to walk on that red carpet some day 😉 XxX

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