The Midnight Garden

Midnight in the garden and the slugs wage war. An army of camouflaged assassins are taking bites out of the flowers with a reckless disregard for their longevity. A solitary snail stands guard over his patch of Eden, one Spartan against Xerxes’ horde. I don’t fancy his chances. 
The battle is long taking its toll on both parties. Never has the midnight garden seen such intent, such vicious teeth-baring, such flaring from stalked eyes. Even the owl who nests in the great oak that backs onto the cemetery keeps his distance. He is wise, but not as brave as I thought.

Morning is almost upon us. The first tangerine glints of dawn flicker on the horizon. Flowers are waking in the colours of the earth, weeds, too. The owl is asleep. Our snail stands proud, undefeated, the greatest warrior the garden has ever known. The slugs will reach him soon.

25 thoughts on “The Midnight Garden

  1. Oh, don’t I know it… I just wish the snails would prevail! I have slugs the size of Welsh mountain ponies lurking in the undergrowth… And the birds won’t touch them. Too afraid, I expect.

      1. I know! I garden organically, so it’s difficult to find anything that stops the horrible beasts from levelling my sunflower and marigold seedlings. I HATE them!

  2. Yippeee…I managed to catch up again…as usual worthwhile to spend my time reading at your website. Is it ok, if I place a permanent link to your ‘ writer’s resources’-page at my website (off course with your name next to it) ?

      1. Great! Will add it sometime this weekend πŸ˜‰ Wishing a new week with good ‘running’-weather, beautiful skylines to get inspired by and clear glasses/or vision to be able to find the scarf to keep ‘the vampire’ off your neck πŸ˜‰

      1. Thanks Richard, somehow my administrative area of the blog was breached…don’t know how. πŸ€”

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