Six Word Stories: To Be Sure

Two step authentication: remove your clothes.

26 thoughts on “Six Word Stories: To Be Sure

      1. It could be worse. The second step could be, “Argh! My eyes! My eyes! Put your clothes back on!.

      1. They get into your dashboard somehow. I think they got into mine when I accepted a comment I didn’t recognise. If you have two step authentication on they have to have your phone to get in completely. It happened to Holly at Heartafire a week ago and I turned the thing on because of that. Thank goodness I did, not that it’s any consolation to Holly.

      1. One time they open my wrapped gift, took of the wrapping papers (one layer id tissue), open the brand new box. It was a ceramic figurine of husband and pregnant wife for my daughter. Several people looked at it. (It’s hollow.” I was afraid that they wanted to break it see if I hid drug in it. I was mad for the whole plane trip.

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