Wales All Over Again

"I'll never forget stepping onto the summit of Mount Everest, the world at my feet, reaching for God's hand."
"It was a small, Welsh hill and even then you got a nose bleed."
"That's not how I remember it and I've a photographic memory."
"Yeah, it's often negative and like the rest of you, it's underdeveloped."
"Pft! I can close my eyes and see everything, the sky, the snow, the man selling hot dogs."
"Blimey! You were there."
"Yup. Beautiful memories, John. Wonderful days."
"How did you get down?"
"I suppose that's because you're an eagle too."
"Nope. I desperately needed the toilet."
"Did you make it?"
"I'm ashamed to say not."
"Like I said, Wales all over again."

15 thoughts on “Wales All Over Again

  1. You did came up with some cool names, nice story Richard….. as always really, by the way if I cut your name in half is Rich, so it might be that you are really rich. Just a strange thought.

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