Of Sharks and Dreams

Sooner or later we all wish for something unattainable. Perhaps it is a form of self-punishment, an endless agony to prove we still feel? Nevertheless, as we cling to the fairytale with the tenacity of sharks a seal carcass, our eyes wide, teeth bared, we still hope for more. The shark by its nature knows no better. We do. But for us it is harder to let go. At some point the shark will be replete, while our unattainable dream will persist gnawing at our very souls. This is the nature of the unattainable. Yet we may still find peace in the searching if our hearts are open and eyes willing to see, whereas the shark will ever be swimming in circles. Such is life, an endless looping of food and thought.

15 thoughts on “Of Sharks and Dreams

  1. Deep, Richard, very deep and somber, too. I just responded to a Daily Post prompt, ‘Imaginary’ and then reading your piece began to ponder if there’s something in the air today?

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