How to Step out of the Dark

Reblogged for anybody who missed this and might find it useful.

Richard M. Ankers

How to Step out of the Dark

A Writer’s Guide to Creative Self-Expression

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Writing is by its nature a solitary affair. Although we may duet on a poem, seek advice on this fact or that, in essence, we sit, write and publish on our own. Other people walk by our windows, peer in at our small, homemade offices, favourite seats and coffee mugs, shake their heads with pity at our flickering candles and laptop screens and wander away. Yes, writing is a lonesome trade, and it’s just how we like it. It’s the others that don’t understand, not us that’s strange.

For most writers, the hours typing on a keyboard are the best hours of our lives. We love the act of creation, be it in the thinking, or transferring said thoughts to paper, so to speak…

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6 thoughts on “How to Step out of the Dark

  1. That’s a lovely way of seeing things and ‘quite right too’ except when you couple this with depression then the loneliness can really become untenable and unwieldly and much as we try we seem to sabotage ourselves. I think you have incredible discipline and an inspirational attitude and I take my inspiration from you so many times my friend

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