Into the Blue (Cascade Poetry)

This life

one line

one stop

this time

a pause

held breath


our death

where then

we see

what is

to be

a mote

just dust

our fate

to rust


till end

when light

will bend

and take


our pain

this day


the blue

from dark

and you

from all

that’s been

our past

my Queen

and tell

you now

this truth

of how

it breaks

my heart

dear love

we part

7 thoughts on “Into the Blue (Cascade Poetry)

  1. Bravo. OH How I envy the time you have to envelope yourself in words! I can see the effect that time has had on your writing. It’s always been amazing, always remarkable, yet it grows stronger and deeper and richer each time I read something new. Lucky You….Lucky US 🙂

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