She dripped an ebony liqueur

Born of Africa’s heat,

A dark continent’s dream.

The sun glistened off her skin

Like the world off a pair of Ray-Ban’s lenses,

Distorted but cool,

Much cooler than ever it would off another.

I watched, we watched, the world watched

As she prowled, a huntress out of time,

Out of place, out of sync with a planet

That despised her freedoms;

She made no compromises.

Her eyes pitied us, the shirted, the tied,

The prim and proper,

And I for one hung my head in shame:

What had we become?

Primal, she was all that we’d lost,

Worse still, we’d never understand why.

10 thoughts on “Primal

      1. You will need to refollow if you haven’t Richard in order to find it in your reader or mail. I lost all my followers when I closed the other blog. Gradually gaining a few. 🙂 Thanks so much Richard, I really appreciate your support!

      2. Right, I’ve just done it. Fingers crossed. I’ve had a few problems with stuff like this. If I follow in the browser it often says following but doesn’t show on the phone, which is what I use. Weird!!!

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