The Unlikely Ones

The Unlikely Ones
We were the layabouts, the lollygaggers, the free. Spirits of the woods given human form, we played amongst the cobwebs and danced amongst the stars. Nothing could contain us. Nothing! We were what the world should’ve been before it went bad. We despised society and pitied the many, applauded the dreamers and saluted the poets. This was our lives. This was our legend. For a while, anyway. For a while.

They came from the stars in military regalia, (that should’ve been the clue). They took everything from everyone but couldn’t take anything from us. We had nothing to take. Whilst the many mired in the invaders’ pits and work camps, we continued to dream, then speak those dreams, then preach those dreams. It didn’t take long for the others to see things our way. That was the change. That was our gift to humanity. 

We fought; I never dreamt we would have, but we did. We led the way in our sacks for capes and didn’t care what they did to us. They saw it, those invaders from the stars. They watched our spirits soar and feared us. And so they should, for we were unstoppable.

When the dust settled and Earth lay ruined but free, they hailed us. The Unlikely Ones, the world shouted. Praise The Unlikely Ones, they sang. We asked them to thank us on the inside and never let the outside back in.  

17 thoughts on “The Unlikely Ones

  1. I loved this. To me this spoke of the first ‘Gods’, wild, capricious, free creatures that were tamed by more powerful but more hierarchical Gods (like Roman or Greek). But these Unlikely Ones remained behind to sow their seed of wild freedom in the hearts of mankind. Beautiful and makes me want to do a whole book on it *resists urge to wink*

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