Photography Exhibition – “Water Stories”

For anyone who lives in the region, I’m sure this exhibition will be stunning. Hanne’s pictures are always incredible.

Hanne T. Fisker Photography

“A photograph is a song.
The photographer’s voice is in her eye.
Sometimes Hanne’s eye casts a soft light in darker places, and other times the light is blinding.
Hanne’s photographs remind me how great it is, to be alive.
They are pure poetry, with no need for words.
And like a great song, they awaken the longing in us all.”
Luka Bloom



Hope to see you in Co. Clare, Ireland for the preview of my upcoming exhibition the 30th of June 7pm – 9pm. I will be showing alongside Isabelle Gaborit and Kathryn Kelly for the month of July 2017.

For further info about the exhibition and the artists, please follow link PRESS RELEASE JLY 2017 Isabelle-Hanne-Kathryn

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