Something to Ponder

Author's Note: Something a little different today that got me thinking.
Whilst hitching a ride to the coffee shop with my wife, we turned into the shopping park where it's located and saw something highly unusual. I always keep an eye out for wildlife, I love nature, and spotted a bird I'd never before seen in real life, yet recognised instantly. The fellow in question was a beautiful Little Egret.
I said what I'd seen and we slowed down to view it. I'll come back to why I couldn't take a photo of my own in a minute. In the meantime, here is an image courtesy of Wikipedia.

These birds are becoming more common in England, but rarely as far north as Yorkshire.
Now here's the thing. We didn't want to scare it away, so went for our drink. My wife left first, and me later for my run. But I had to see the Little Egret again. So, I jogged back to where I'd spotted it, phone in hand, but the little bird had gone. I was disappointed.
So where did I see this rare beauty you shout? A drainage ditch my reply. And although I didn't think much about it at the time, on reflection I think it's ironic that one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen, gleaming in the dawn light in all its snow-white splendour, was in a shopping park drainage system. It just doesn't seem right, or maybe that's just me.

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27 thoughts on “Something to Ponder

  1. In February, I was visited by a Great Egret in Phoenix, AZ USA. I’d never seen one before in the Valley of the Sun! Congratulations on your view of one…I feel it is a good omen!

  2. Very nice post! That was exactly how I felt when I saw the exotic, rare Egyptian geese showed up by the lake we frequently go for our walk. When I first posted the photos, I entitled it “Name the Ducks.” Someone came forward to give me the name and the Wikipedia page. So I changed the title of the post to the name of the geese.

  3. It’s both beautiful and sad. Thankfully some wildlife is able to find refuge and maybe a home in spots humans have developed. I feel bad that we’ve taken so many natural settings away from them though. But it’s that way everywhere. Wonderful that you got to see one if these beautiful birds, Richard.

  4. This makes me think about the world famous violinist who played Carnegie Hall with his million dollar Stradivarius. By day he set himself up in a NYC subway and played his violin. Most people walked past and didn’t stop to even glance at him. That night, the same man played the same songs in Carnegie Hall and brought the room to tears with the beauty of his music… the same music that was ignored all day. Beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places… you just need to be open to finding it. And you were, bless you.

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