50 Word Stories: The Chocolate Theory

The curative properties of chocolate were a theory I'd been working on for some time. I designed a test to prove that its effects were permanent and not an occasional fluke. That test involved my mouth. Later, it involved my wife's fist in said mouth. Yes, the chocolate was hers.

20 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: The Chocolate Theory

  1. Richard, Richard! Did you not learn in kindergarten that it is good to share ? And even more important, it is polite and respectful to ask first before helping yourself to something that belongs to another. Especially when that another is your wife 🙂

  2. When my daughter went to grade school, I packed her lunch with some treats. I bought separate snacks for my husband. But my husband got into my daughter’s snacks, I just told him that, “It’s not yours, don’t touch it. It’s Mercy’s.” He had a victory smile on his face. (Wait, I just wrote a 5o words story.)

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