There is blood in the air and fear on the streets, the city reeks of it. I bathe in this feral disruption like all predators must; it does no good to show fear in the face of the enemy. Society pools about me in terror and tainted thoughts, I smile politely at each in turn. This is not how it should be. This is not right.
The sun tips a few more degrees to port unleashing its crimson juices upon the universe. I watch through darkened goggles whilst other eyes fry even enjoying the view. It is not often one witnesses one’s own demise and certainly not in slow motion.
Blood. It reminds me of blood pouring away from a once live host. Our sun is dead but just doesn’t know it. I am dead but just don’t know it.
Why cast my thoughts into a temporal bubble and set them loose on the oceans of time? Perhaps a warning? Perhaps a lie? You don’t know me. I could be mad? Then again, what if I’m not?
I fade away with a crimson smile. Goodbye, my friends. Goodbye.
The End.

18 thoughts on “Blood

  1. Does anyone truly know another so deeply? I heard a lot of strange stories. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing.

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