The Colony

The Colony

The colony comprised of misfits and misgivings. I wish I could say better, but it did. Not one person trusted another nor wanted to. Every window remained closed even on the hottest days, every door padlocked and chained. I hated it with a passion. Everybody hated it with a passion. A couple of times a year we’d celebrate this or that, poke our heads from around dour curtains, light a firework out of the cat flap. We might even toast each other, then spit on the carpet. This was, however, the limit of our interactions. 

Where was our colony you shout! You won’t have heard of it, but in our native tongue, we called it Earth. 

17 thoughts on “The Colony

  1. When our older neighbors moved or passed away one by one, the new neighbors moved in and have their doors closed, draped closed…… Now we only have three open doors, all the others are as what you described. We feel lonelier and lonelier in this neighborhood.

      1. There was a story – fact – two young people moved away, met online, dating. Talk about the past, realized they were neighbors in the previous apartments!

      2. Apartment people locked their door. Don’t say ‘hi’ to neighbors. I’m afraid we are getting some apartment people coming to our neighborhood!

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