The Space Between

The Space Between

The space between

Dark blue and black

Differing shades of forever

Where pointing fingers linger

And eyes do blink

The stuff of dreams gathering

Like nocturnal memories

No lights required

Just open minds

Stardust and magic

Little parcels of eternity

Destiny and hope

Children praying for shooting stars

Adults too

Never has nothing held such value

Here, dwelling in held breaths

And wishes

We wait

12 thoughts on “The Space Between

  1. OH my this one really rang true to me. I live in the space as well though mine is a little dark, not from bad things or evil but dark because I like to turn down the shades and close the world out sometimes. This quiet space is quiet enjoyable. I am waiting too! For what I don’t know but I do wait! Maybe for the next minute I think! 🙂 Love visiting and reading your blog! Your world is a beautiful place Richard! I’m so proud for you!

      1. I did but I’m back now! Just for a day! I need a vacation badly! I took F to Branson over the weekend back to work getting Aug. 7 ready to go! 🙂 You know the routine! 🙂

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